Tiger Woods - Official Separation Thread

Tiger Woods announced today that he has separated – from the putter with which he has won 13 of his 14 majors.

While refusing to comment on whether a divorce settlement has now been agreed with his Swedish wife Elin, the world number one was happy to discuss dropping the club which has helped make him arguably the greatest player in golf history.

Woods this week tries to become the first ever to win three Open Championships at St Andrews, but the speed of the Old Course greens – or rather the lack of speed – has prompted his decision.

Without a tournament victory since returning in April from the sex scandal which shocked the sporting world, the American can think of no better place for that to end.

“I’ve always struggled on slower greens and the one I’ve gone to this week comes off faster and I’ve had to make very little adjustment,” he said.

I see Elin has lightened his pockets nicely to the tune of €240 million.


and your problem is???

They were saying on the radio that it was $500million and that she was to keep her trap shut.

Nobody knows, all sorts being mentioned. Black mans kryptonite.

Remember when he got all indignant when In Dublin posted a few mock up pictures of Elin ‘naked’? As if butter wouldn’t melt. Dirty auld bastard.