Tipperary GAA 2019


Limerick never pitied Tipp


Maybe they should
Tipp’s last two all Ireland wins were against the reigning all Ireland champions.


So were Limericks



Edit saw you had him.


The only team that can beat ye is yerselves so


Limerick’s B team is the second best team in the country.


Will he bring back the white collar criminal


Loughnane 2007/08 another who should never have gone back after 7 years out of inter-county management.


Will the same hunger be there?


If he brings back hotpoint all be forgiven


Nine years is a long time out of inter-county management. He did an exceptional job 2008-10 and turned around a much bigger shambles that he inherited in no time. He did have some serious talent coming through though off the minor team of 2006/07. Notwithstanding Tippeary’s excellent U21 final win this year, doesn’t appear to be the same standard of player coming throught now. Its a much more competitive field now as well than it was a decade ago.


Surprised by this. Never strikes me as a good idea to go back. Plus is certainly not a ringing endorsement of Liam Cahill. He made no secret of the fact that he was after the job


Liam Cahill must be absolutely seething.


Interesting dynamic there as Liam Sheedy’s brother has been a selector in all of Cahill’s set ups.

I’m conflicted about the appointment to be honest. I know from talking to a few of the players of his previous tenure that he was an excellent manager.

He’s been out of intercounty for a while but has managed to keep his nose stuck in the game.








Ahem… August 2nd.


Cahill wasn’t led along at all. He stuck to what he wanted and didn’t give in to pressure from the county board to change his backroom team. I believe he knew he wasn’t getting the job for the last few weeks, though he probably thought it would be his Ballingarry clubmate who got it


The cloak will descend tonight.