Tipperary GAA 2019


Might head to that double header in Nenagh Saturday week. Say could be a good atmosphere up there.

Kilruane any hope? Or would they just be happy with the north.


They’d have a decent chance. Only got beat by Sars by a point last year


They better have a big cheque book for that spoofer. He was ran out of Clarecastle


A few cans of Guinness will be bet into.


This is going to leave a huge void on various committees.


Derek will take up the mantle.




It’s a strange appointment by Tipperary and one that smacks of desperation a little bit.

Sheedy is a good organiser and motivator but he’s most certainly not a coach so his backroom set-up will be interesting.

He was in last-chance saloon when Tipp got over the line in 2010 and he cut and ran afterwards knowing that he’d wrung all he could out of them following the disappoinments of 2008 and the 2009 All-Ireland choke.

Cahill is a surly individual and must have pissed some county board hacks off at some point. His teams have been very good, though and I thought he had earned his chance.


His success will depend on his backroom team.


This is all wrong in fairness. He inherited a disaster when he took over and did brilliantly to win Munster in 2008. Then in 2009 the influx of the 2007 minor team players brought the team to another level but they certainly didn’t choke in 2009 either


1994 is a choke mate, 2009 was not a choke.


What would cunts like ye know about competitive hurling for 10+ years.


Jaysus, they’re hopping.

Hopping, I tell ye!




Tommy Dunne will be coach


1994 wasn’t a choke . I will give you 1996 .


Beautifully hurled there by @Elvis_Brandenberg_Kr lobbed in the sausages and the Tipp boys turned up the heat on the pan.


They’re spinning like Cathal Barrett’s wheels in the snow.


@carryharry posted up hundreds of pictures of Sheedy on threads about any managerial vacancy in any county for the last 8 years as if he had some sort of inside information, but didn’t see this one coming at all :smile:


We knew.

It’s funny the way that the Limerick lads in particular are obsessed with Sheedy, even after he turned down PJ McManus’s advances