Tipperary GAA 2019


It will all come out in the wash . Tipp washing dirty linen in public .


God no. Nothing to do with the kit man. One of Sheedys so called selectors wants nothing to do with it and Liam wants nothing to do with one of the ones mentioned by the cb. Can’t wait for the public civil war


Wouldn’t be like Tipp to be having supposedly private rows with each other in public and the rest of the country laughing at them.


The choice of hurling coach will raise eyebrows I’d say…


Redser is it?


Sheedy had an awful load up the last time round, a huge load


Dunne, no?


I’m sworn to secrecy


Some guard.


I’m sure it’ll be well known soon enough, Sheedy can’t hold his water when he has a few pints on board


No Tipp poster in the last 21 posts on the Tipperary GAA thread. Box office


There’s only 3 tipp posters here pal, ffs


27 posts in three days on the Tipp thread.
Absolute record I’d say.


The Limerick lads talking to themselves in here.

The Tipp lads keeping it in the PMs.


How the times have changed.


Redser, Lar Corbett and Ryan O’Dwyer on the coaching ticket, Lar the brains obviously.


When the Tipp hurley man retires it makes the national news, now that’s proper box office. The lads here just wouldn’t understand.


Proper box office pal.

It would be gas to see their reaction if we drop the name that’s mentioned in the PM group. They’d be hopping like sausages in the pan.


Gas to see the stone throwers try their hardest not to appear rattled. They know another storm is on the way and it will be done in public


We’ll win our All Irelands in fucking public too pal.
Sheedy won’t go three years without at least one.