Tipperary GAA 2019


I’d see it as harsh on the current u21s manager unless he’s being brought in as a selector. He did go public with his ambitions towards the senior role.

Its a bit odd.


Would Cahill go in as a selector under Sheedy though?


It was outlined on another forum (I’m sure you’ll guess where) that Cahill was told he need to revise his backroom team. It was more the S&C side etc than the selectors whereby the CB wanted alternatives. He didn’t present an alternative and knew he was out of the running .

I would say @the_man_himself would have a clearer idea but I couldn’t see Cahill going in as selector. I’d imagine he will stay with the U20s for at least two more years


Cahill was in record recently saying he wanted to stay with the underage teams no?


Babs in flying form today.



Jps cheque obviously got the deal over the line


He turned down JP’s cheques before though …


I’m led to believe we gave up on the idea of outside appointments after the expensive corkman was told to fuck off.


Liam Sheedy fave a big shout out to his wonderful boss Áine McCleary on the radio this morning for facilitating this appointment


That was nice of him. Very cute isn’t he keeping his boss on his right side.


What’s he been doing professionally for the last few years anyway? Attending breakfast seminars and business lunches?


She’s in good company so. He once gave Alan Kelly a shout out on live tv.


Why did Liam leave the job last time lads…?


He must have a few trained up to cover for him.


I’ll PM you


Excess load.

I mean work load.


There’s murder in background over this and the backroom team suggested I’m hearing.


Hotpoint at the centre of it?