Tipperary GAA 2021

We go again.

Who should be added to the senior hurling and football panels? Who do you hope to see more of? What are realistic expectations?

Fuck Tipp etc etc

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Will ye bother ?

Both teams need more north men

Sure the north teams are all shit?
“Burris” are only decent because they are on the mid border.

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Can’t disagree with that :laughing:

We will bother. We won’t be winning any silverware.

In hurling, hopefully a season where we are competitive. Hopefully a few of the 2018/2019 21s/20s getting a few chances. More experimentation with goalkeeper. Possibly the last season for some great servants. Paudie Maher had probably his worst championship this year, but that was six weeks after a knee op. Seamie can’t go forever. Ditto Brendan Maher, Bonner and Noel Mc.

As for the footballers, they surely can’t top this year.

It was a North pairing in the county final this year.

We don’t have the players in hurling anymore but hopefully we get a few days out anyway.

An auld Saturday evening qualifier in June in front of a big crowd in Thurles would be enough to make us feel alive again.

I’m out until 2028.

They fucked off into the mid wan time and won a few those too. The original OG’s


Loughmore are mid, you’re thinking of the ‘19 final I’d say.

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Correct! Sorry

I thought training was suspended?

Not for inter county AKAIK

I thought I heard Jan 13th. Shur no club would be training currently

I thought it was Jan 15th originally but now suspended indefinitely under current level 5 guidelines.

Gym work is still allowed I think. They were probably in doing testing or work in small groups in the dome.