Tipperary GAA 2022

Munster Hurling League (HALF TIME) Tipperary 0-6 (6) Kerry 0-9 (9)

Tipp were playing WITH a strong wind in first half. Cadell and Carey off injured

Met him recently in a panelist’s coffee shop. Looked as fit as a fiddle. He’s some yoke to rehab

Kerry are 0-15 to 0-13 up in injury time and have a penalty.

11 minutes injury time

It’s not a penalty. Or is it. It is not. Or is it. It is.


0-15 to 0-14. 77 minutes gone.

Sounds riveting

0-16 to 0-14.

0-17 to 0-14. Kerry win!

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And so it begins….

Sounds like a serious injury for Willie Connors

Are Ballina playing that football Munster Final tomorrow? Big loss

Jaysus. Kerry were missing all their Kilmoyley lads as well :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Bonnar out :rofl:

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Need to get some of the auld lads out of retirement. They might have another year in them yet

Bad start but it’s only Jan 8th.

Couple of lads injured today. What’s the word on Connors?

We sent one of the West Limerick boys back and he threw over 3 points from play

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And lads were hammering Sheedy for playing the aulder lads