Tipperary GAA 2023

“Kian” :roll_eyes:

The game is fucked

RIP Tom Ryan All Ireland winner in 1961 & 62.
Played for Clare against Tipp in the 1967 Munster Final.

Got to know Tom Ryan very well. Was in attendance with him on up for the match in 97 when I was only a garsun and was sitting beside him for that All Ireland vs Clare. Even at a young age I’d read and heard a lot about that 60s team and to be in the presence of one of them was surreal especially when hed roll out his “Bang Bang” catch phrase. Maybe something he gleaned from Hells Kitchen TM. He was fond of a pint and had his battles on that front but was ever a gentleman and dressed like one too. He was living in town in Clonmel in his later years and took a passing interest in us in Clonmel Óg. Remember one day he arrived into the field in a suit. We were pucking around. He took one of the lads hurleys. Took off his suit top and handed it to the hurleyless lad, rolled up his sleeves and tucked his tie into his shirt. He then carefully placed the ball on a sod of grass like he was putting a cherry on a cake. Took 3 steps back and cut the ball over the bar from the sideline. I can still remember the fizzing of the ball as it took flight. He was in his 60’s at the time I’d say. RIP Tom.


He was with his daughter in Manchester in latter years. Was talking to a former team mate of his last night who was adamant Killenaule would’ve won the county title in 1961 only for Tom being sispended after getting sent off in the AI Final with Lar Foley. Borrisokane beat them by 3 points in the semi and lost to Sarsfields after a replay.


He got the goal in '62 to put Tipp ahead near the end, my father was telling me. Although my father was already 17 at that stage, it was the first final he went to (I don’t think he missed another AI for the guts of 20 years). Said that he hit the crossbar with a rocket just after scoring the goal. You could hear the rattle across the field. Called him a film star.


Like Mackey of yore, McKenna tore, then parted with the ball.
I’ll never forget how he shook the net, the man from Killenaule.


Will Bonnar Maher be available for championship for Tipp with the Limerick and Cork marathons coming up?

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A story in two parts

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Lads sticking up these videos are generally fucking apes tbh (including premier view in that)

Edit: does it actually show him hitting WOD in the balls? I’ve been hit in the balls before and you don’t stay upright after it.

Lynch was moaning and pissing about yer man Fitzgerald getting a red card last week.


If you search for the word ‘roaster’ in a dictionary, Derrick Lynch’s photo would come up beside it

Edit; also for the “People who look slow” thread.

Irish twitter is a nawful place lads.

That’s brilliant. To be fair to the Limerick lads on here I would say most are less biased than the average Premierview poster

Those Premierview Pod lads have seen a niche in the market since the decline of the much-maligned HOTD, but they don’t seem to be gaining much traction in the grand scheme.

I actually know him from years back. He’s not a bad sort but I had to mute him on the auld twitter machine.

A big Man U Footix

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What happened to HOTD

He fell off the ditch

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“More pressing commitments” as per his Twitter bio

They take themselves very seriously for a bunch of lads which would be below Junior B level