County that likes to regard itself as the home of hurling even though that have won fuck all in the last 30 years.
It is considered the home of hurling due to the fact the GAA was founded in Thurles in 1884.
The alright sorts from other counties like Galway, Limerick etc. know the real score.
Although not as successful in the last 30 years only Cork Killkenny and Offaly have won more All Ireland Senior Hurling titles than Tipperary during this period.
The most vociferous people in their hatred for all things Tipperary invariably hail from counties that have indeed won fuck all in the last 125 years of the GAA, meanwhile Tipp still persist on calling themselves the premier county despite the fact that Kilkenny and Cork have long since over taken them in terms of numbers of All Irelands won.

Due to serious levels of inbreeding and educational deprevation in the surrounding counties Tipperary inhabitants are generally considered to be rednecked yokles, most likely to be seen with some blue and gold wool tied around their head while slugging from a flagon of cider.

John Leahy in his younger days and Redser O Grady are considered role models by most in the county.