Tom Humphries thread

he is an outstanding jornalist - i have loved his work since I sat beside him on a trip to glasgow a few years back- a sound old skin


I recall you saying on here that he’s an awful lot slimmer in person than popular opinion would suggest NCC.

the all seeing eye was some sick fuck.

he was being ironic

keep up

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Little did we know he had a depraved personal workout regime.

With articles like this I assume Tom was a forum favourite before his mysterious vanishing act.

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He’s known as Hom Tumphries now.

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I think you are safe enough since he was already named

@Bandage used to post all his anti rugby articles, a poster boy for the pretend anti rugby lads

The lads mustn’t know what end is up with all the pretending that’s going on.

I know really.

I suspect if there was no pretending on this site the place would be dull as dishwater . Pretend RA/Celtic the tip of the iceberg .

I hope @PoisonousMisanthrope is ok

Much like the coterie in the Irish media giving the man a dig out, he’s saying nowt.

was he one of the victims?

think he was a perp

Tom makes the front page of The Mirror

I’m shocked. I was reliably informed he was innocent…

i thought Larry Murphy killed the dullard??

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