Tommy Tiernan

I like you, that’s why I’m going to kill you last.

Any man worth his salt has a list, and preferably a long one. Various gimps on mine, ranging from jockeys who cost you money, corrupt referees who cost your club or county, gobshite politicians, dodgy car salesmen who lied blatantly, juvenile scumbags who terrify elderly people - it’s endless….

It’s our national feast day, best suspend this ramble before the B/P soars necessitating a quick half-one.


Would you ever take anyone off the list? I’ve taken a few off in recent years, I must be mellowing

Rarely. I would make a point of attending the funerals of relatives of these shysters on the basis that they (the deceased) might have been alright sorts and I wouldn’t have it upcast to me that I swerved it.

My funeral condolence manoeuvre is designed to reflect this - weak handshake with watery few words…

A far remove from the firm hand grasp while steadying their elbow with the other hand followed by a fulsome praise of the deceased and the contribution they’d made to the club/parish/party etc.


The king of funeral embraces.

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TFK is about to melt down. The Jason is on TT

Jason was half daycent there. The story about his aul lad and the gas explosion in Guinness’s was excellent


What a song

The delectable Gemma Hayes

Lookin well so she was

Yer historian woman would be a great girl for @Thomas_Brady …if he could stick the dublin accent

Tommy won’t have made many friends in the wrestling fraternity last night anyway. With Becky Lynch on he called fans eejits or something.

Watching the Sadlier interview from a few weeks back here, it’s brilliant television

Majority of wrestling fans should be in bed before Tommy’s on

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Tuned in half through the Dolores Keane interview last night, never would have guessed it was her.


She didn’t sound too well. When she was announced first I was expecting yer wan from Limerick who won the Euromillions

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That’s a Mc, not a Keane. Most definitely not a Keane!