Tonight's TV - Continuation of earlier drivel

Miriam must have been out with the curling tongs all day.

George Monbiot about to make yet another Prime Time appearance.

I wonder does Sarah take mass transit from her home in Sutton to her job in RTÉ?

There was a chubby girl there now on Celebrity Mastermind. The presenter said she was the only person ever to double her score after the first and second rounds.

She scored 1 (one) in the first round. :grimacing:

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Taxi Driver on Sky Movies now.

Tonight’s western on TG4 is pretty shite @Fagan_ODowd

Desperate. I switched it off.

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Switched this off when he brought Cybill Shepherd to the porno movie. Too cringey.

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Watched it once and have no desire to ever return to it. Not enjoyable watching but a compelling watch.

I saw a bit of that one WTF? Far too much green and baseball for a western. Grand auld cast and all.

I still can’t believe a sitting MP is in the jungle doing I’m a Celebrity. How there isn’t a revolution in Britain I’ll never know

Grand owl Western on TG 4 tonight.

Sarah looking ravishing here interviewing a young clergyman

The Iranian ambassador dressed like a farmer headed to the mart.

A Fistful of Dollars tar éis Rugbaí Beo @Fagan_ODowd


Leone was a fucking genius.


Stumbled across Tommy Tiernans interview with Neil Hannon. Neil is one of this islands greatest. Could listen to him endlessly.