Tonight's TV - Continuation of earlier drivel

George Monbiot about to make yet another Prime Time appearance.

I wonder does Sarah take mass transit from her home in Sutton to her job in RTÉ?

There was a chubby girl there now on Celebrity Mastermind. The presenter said she was the only person ever to double her score after the first and second rounds.

She scored 1 (one) in the first round. :grimacing:

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Taxi Driver on Sky Movies now.

Tonight’s western on TG4 is pretty shite @Fagan_ODowd

Desperate. I switched it off.

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Switched this off when he brought Cybill Shepherd to the porno movie. Too cringey.

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Watched it once and have no desire to ever return to it. Not enjoyable watching but a compelling watch.

I saw a bit of that one WTF? Far too much green and baseball for a western. Grand auld cast and all.

I still can’t believe a sitting MP is in the jungle doing I’m a Celebrity. How there isn’t a revolution in Britain I’ll never know

Grand owl Western on TG 4 tonight.

Sarah looking ravishing here interviewing a young clergyman

The Iranian ambassador dressed like a farmer headed to the mart.

A Fistful of Dollars tar éis Rugbaí Beo @Fagan_ODowd


Leone was a fucking genius.


Stumbled across Tommy Tiernans interview with Neil Hannon. Neil is one of this islands greatest. Could listen to him endlessly.

Pat Shortt’s guts must be under serious pressure in those jeans on Ask Me Anything. He’s fake guffawing away anyway so it must not be bothering him too much.

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It’s fair scutter this show

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Scanlon is the only mildly positive thing about it.

I would too

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