Tonight's TV - Continuation of earlier drivel

A lad advised me today to tune in tonight at 9.35pm RTE 1 to watch “The life and times of Ciaran McKeever (sic)”
He informed me it was about how some geezer fleeced unwitting punters out of money hand over fist.

Straight away I spotted his minor error (highlighted). Surely it’s the life and times of Kieran McGeeney.

I’ll tune in anyway as he said Ballinamore gets a mention, though I’d doubt if any of them cute hoors got fleeced.

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Car crash TV. I love it

CSI Cyber. Eh no. So long tv


Whats this?

Bbc4 for any Prince fans out there.

Rte again providing a platform for the offspring of gerry ryan


And she didn’t like the fact that D’Arcy mentioned that her dad was dead six (6) years this week. Why the fuck else are you on love??

Followed by a fitness and food blog the following week…

In next weeks Sunday Independent, we have an in depth feature with First Date sensation, Daphney Sanasie,

‘How kettle bells and a vegan life style helped save my life’

as she chronicles her journey from suicide and depression to being the star of RTE’s new fitness show…

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Highlights of the London Marathon on BBC2 right now, I had an eye on it this morning, well worth watching.

The Voice of Ireland final is on now…

Incredible scenes.

Kathryn Thomas outfit would be great if she had a proper pair

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Louis Theroux on BBC2 now with a bunch of alcho’s

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Just put it on there…worst drug in the world bar none.

Tops all the rest combined.

Very true

Poor fucker

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Mac has a fierce problem with the drink. Once the creature gets a hold of you, it can have awful consequences.

What a dick