Top Quality Posters

With recent focus on likes and likers and the quality of individual posters I’ve decided to create an occasional award for the Top Quality Posters on TFK in a defined period. (I also decided to do this because I like SQL).

What we’re creating here is an average score per post for users in the last 6 months.

Admins are excluded (to save face for me).

The formula for the point score is:
5 points for each reply to a post
15 points for each like on a post
5 points for each link to the post
2 points for every bookmark of that post
0.2 points for every time the post is read
0.05 points for the geometric mean of time spent reading the post

This gives a Total Point score for every post and that is divided by the number of posts to arrive at a quality score.

The results:

average score per post post_count user
70.8105263157895 76 @Funtime
58.0569832402235 179 @Boxtyeater
53.5169884169884 259 @Ebeneezer_Goode
44.8761904761905 84 @fenwaypark
43.1402777777778 72 @Bartholemew_the_Ladd
41.9553333333333 75 @PoisonousMisanthrope
40.4384973404256 752 @KinvarasPassion
40.0614173228346 254 @briantinnion
36.9823809523809 105 @Rintintin
36.6825198637911 2643 @TreatyStones
36.3395393474089 1042 @Smark
36.1753303964758 454 @binkybarnes
35.7725985221675 812 @HBV
35.4208617046256 4259 @Fagan_ODowd
34.8686507936508 126 @Phil_Leotardo
34.1819008264463 605 @artfoley
33.9668134507606 1249 @Ambrose_McNulty
33.8807976973684 1216 @Juhniallio
33.8562015503876 129 @cluaindiuic
33.4799065420561 535 @Mullach_Ide


You’re a weird fucker, that is beyond doubt.


I expect your tfk biometric or whatever the fuck it is to soar after that post.

Is this an attempt at gerrymandering?

It’s quite interesting that two of the top twenty were on sabbatical for 3 of the past 6 months and a third banned for 4 of the past 6 months. A winning strategy would appear to be correlated to hardly ever posting or fucking off/being fucked out.


Don’t know about that but there’ll be a (formerly) portly Wexican very disappointed this evening. He’s been bragging offline about garnering 60 likes today alone. And he’s not even on the list.

Cc @Bandage

What part of “admins are excluded” did you not understand in the thread opening post, you dumbass?

FAO of forum members: please like and quote this post.


@rocko thank you for the advance notice of this and acquiescing to exclude me as agreed.

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He’s clearly seething in the post two above this post but I shan’t be replying directly to to him.

Get fucked ye cunts. TTPs don’t need any affirmation from nobody :middle_finger:

@artfoley 's on the list, so it’s credibility is in ruins.

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There hasn’t been a recent focus on likes and likers. That’s the lamest intro to a post in a long while


I’m wide awake and up and about too, mate. Impossible to sleep last night after the news regarding Martin McGuinness.


hard to argue with these stats as you would have to understand them for a start.

i have often been portrayed as a single issue candidate, dismissed as a lonely voice in the wilderness, pigeon holed as a niche poster with a grudge against the lifeboat community. however i would urge those who have castigated me to look at these scores and tell me that tapping into the undercurrent of popular anti-rnli sentiment doesnt pay rich rich dividends in geometric mean time and quality score.

Later today I will be breaking some extremely disturbing news to the TFK community regarding the identity of TFK’s chief rnli apologist @Dav1. the ‘concerned member of joe public’ act is going to be exposed for the despicable falsehood that it is.


I need you to add another line of SQL to that query…


You are rightly portrayed as an absolute lunatic.


The way to the top here is to post in the Fathers Thread about a new arrival accompanied by a really long post about how the RNLI tried to steal the infant.


I’m calling bullshit on that list due to the absence of @thedancingbaby

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@Mac subtly trying to highlight his own omission from the list :smile:


I’d be calling bullshit even more vehemently if i were on the list