Tottenham Hotspur, the Ryan Mason variant

Again I don’t disagree with anything you say, and fully back it. But you also have to look at the players. I used to be a big fan of Dier but he’s just going through the motions, PEH is just backwards, sideways, always looking to blame someone around him, Lenglet only picking up a pay packet, Sonny, dare I say it is minding himself, won’t tackle or fight for any ball. Ultimately its down to the manager to motivate and create a team spirit, but that does not absolve the players. They need to create that spirit instead of just hiding behind managers all the time.

Blaming the players is the sign of an incompetent manager looking for the sack. If only they gave Poch the money they gave to this lad and Maureen. Always thought Poch was a decent manager. Poch got sacked for having a season like Klopp is having now. Sacking him was a big mistake. Be different if he was after spaffing a few hundred million away on dross but they gave him nothing after reaching the Champions League final. Bentancur, the Swedish lad, Kane and Son, there’s the bones of a very good team there.

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Its levy makes the mistakes. He was the one shit the pot and got rid of Pochettino, he was the one who made the song and dance about not selling bale and then when he did he blew all the money on duds.

Conte wants out no doubt about that but he doing something that needs to be done and that’s calling out levy.

Pochettino had run his course after 5 and a half years. It gets a bit overlooked with the run to the European Cup Final in 2019, but Spurs fell off a cliff over the last 3 months of that season in the league, from a position where they were just about in touch with Citeh and Liverpool in late February. Pochettino has been intimating throughout that season too that he was burnt out and was possibly going to step down at the end of that season.

spurs don’t like a mirror being held up to them

Ah that’s just classic spurs

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Does he have enough charisma for them?

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He can put his socks in the trophy cabinet- it’s empty anyway

According to an article on the BBC site, Nagelsmann was sacked because the team was not progressing, he was not getting the best out of star players, he fell out with senior players and he left his wife for another one. So they replaced him with Tuchel who was sacked by Chelsea for ticking nearly every one of the same reasons.



Daniel Levy (proven winner) and the Spurs team (all proven winners) have decided that they didn’t like what Antonio Conte (spoofer with no medals) was saying about them.

Jesus wept.

This whole episode sums up Spurs. A team of losers happy to float by. They’ll continue to float. Conte will continue to win trophies at the next club he joins

It’s all so, spursy

We can announce that Head Coach Antonio Conte has left the Club by mutual agreement. We achieved Champions League qualification in Antonio’s first season at the Club. We thank Antonio for his contribution and wish him well for the future.

Cristian Stellini will take the team as Acting Head Coach for the remainder of the season, along with Ryan Mason as Assistant Head Coach.

Daniel Levy, Chairman: “We have 10 Premier League games remaining and we have a fight on our hands for a Champions League place. We all need to pull together. Everyone has to step up to ensure the highest possible finish for our Club and amazing, loyal supporters.”

You were too beautiful for them Antonio

They couldn’t handle a winner. Poch back you’d imagine

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@ChairmanDan will be in any minute some sort of absolutely shite cunting waffle any minute now

He had to go. A chequebook manager who was only able to succeed very briefly in the big league when he inherited Mourinho’s title winning team of 2014/15 and had the backing of rogue State dictator Putin. He spent a long time dining out on that. Conte will struggle to get a serious job again in soccer.

Speak of the ass and he’s sure to pass

A lot of talk that it’s going to be this German hipster Nagelsmann. I don’t know too much about him, but his sartorial sense is somewhat questionable.