Tow needed


Not sure can anyone help. I’m looking to get an 18ft boat on a trailer from louth to somewhere near galway direction in the next week. Would anyone know a lad who might be able,?


I’ll sail it around for you if you’re stuck.


Ill sail it round your head


Sail her up the West coast,
Through villages and towns


I’m sure you will, as long as you head south from Louth.


There’s a Saudi chap based in Carlingford who does towing, breakdown service etc. Not sure if he’d tow a boat to Galway though. Nice fella called Kamil Jabar-Hussein. Website is


There is a world cup semi final on and you posting that fucking tripe


Billy big Balls here with his yacht.


It’s a working boat which I need for the galway bay swim. One of the lads I had organised just dropped out. Anyhow, as you were.


I’m on a train down from Glasgow, and this is kind of a last minute emergency type thing.


The last leg of Flatty’s journey to Galway bay.


Is the train sinking?


Manchester is like a ghost town


Everyone clears out for the twelfth


Fuck sake, have you ever managed to successfully organise this any year? You’re a disaster


Try Indespension in Limerick, pal.


cc @flattythehurdler


I’ll be on my holidays
They’ll be doing their rounds
They’ll ask me how I got her I’ll say “I saved my money”


It’s on a trailer. Just need a lad with a towbar looking for a cash settlement




Send me a PM…