Which Premiership player can speak the language of a team-mate’s country even though that team-mate cannot speak the language himself?

is the language Irish?

Welsh maybe?

Liverpool’s Xabi Alonso spent a went to Irish classes when he spent Summer’s as a teenager in County Meath whilst teammate Steve Finnan although Limerick born, hasn’t a word of Irish as his family emigrated to Birmingham whilst he was a sprog.

Close enough with the wild Xabi Alonso guess. Ben Shermin is warmest though but I can’t see whatever picture Flano has.

hear about hargreaves speaking welsh but thats not meant to be true

Nothing to do with Hargreaves.


fingal raven wrote:


Correct - grew up in a Welsh speaking part of Patagonia. Giggs has no Welsh.

put the question out on betfair-someone answered that but someone else said it wasnt trye

And you believed them…?


Only player to have played in a World Cup finals for two different countries?

Is it someone who played for West Germany and Germany like Mathaus or is it two distinct countries?

And it’s the finals tournament I presume, as opposed to the final itself?

Finals tournament.

Don’t want to get into the politicis of the other half of your query but it’s not Germany.

Some class of a Czecheslovakian from Italia 90? I’m thinking eastern bloc anyway.

Robert Prosinecki ?

That’s the one. 90 and 98.

I liked him a lot by the way. One of those old-school footballers who smoke and drank and bordered on being overweight.

Yeah he was a lovely player. Great touch and not much pace or anything but just sheer quality on the ball. That was a cracking midfield with Boban beside him.

Love this clip of Boban kicking the Yugoslav police: