Tsunami and Quake

Some of the footage of that earthquake in Japan is pretty scary.


Some concern over one of the nuclear plants too.

Japans biggest ever and 7th biggest on record.

It’s times like this you are happy that you live in Ireland.

There are ships washed up on the streets, and the tsunami could affect a lot more pacific islands.

Tsunami and Quake?? FFS
It was Earthquake and Typhoon

Came wa-ashing over me.

There was a woman in sky news earlier and she was very shook looking.
Another lad was crying because a small rock fell on the bonnet of his fancy car!

Of course she was, it was a fuckin Earthquake

Hawaii hit by a small earthquake now as well.


It’s pronounced ‘nu-que-lur’.

Great footage. If you want an earthquake well covered the Japs are your boys.

Take the GI’s I will have the spies

Oh this cant be good news…



I think events like today’s put to bed the notion that nuclear power is the future. This theory is growing in credence ever more with people complaining (rightly) about the inefficiency of renewable energies. But you simply can’t justify having something as dangerous as nuclear power plants dotted around the world. The potential for damage far outweights the benefits.

Crazy footage in that top video of the car just driving away from the carnage.

You’d wonder how far he was going to get, that road didnt look to have too many turns. They guys on the bridge in the second video was equally bizarre.

How serious is the threat from this Nuclear plant?

Have the stock markets crashed over this? It was an earthquake in Japan that caused the collapse of Bearings bank that time.

Forget the nuclear plant, look what happened to a brewery!

Man those videos are nuts,if those coolers go…

Enny meeny miny…MO

Oil prices plummeting as a result, all markets are falling.