Tullamore Agriculture show

“all the latest for rural people” according to the Six One news reporter :smiley:

50,000 expected at it according to the RT website when I was browsing it this morning. To look at tractors and such like. What a pack of fooking boggers.

Gas - most townies on here have bogger blood in them. Ireland is an agricultural country after all.

Townies denying their own heritage,

For shame.


I’m not mocking the event itself, it’s clearly a key event in the Irish calendar. Just thought your man’s turn of phrase on the news was funny.

More geared at Bandage than you Sledge.

I’m mocking the event all right. A huge gathering of gombeens admiring each other’s wellies.

They were actually “displaying some of the finest livestock in the country”. Not buying or selling the livestock, not killing the livestock for an auld burger. No, just “displaying” the livestock. :smiley:

Denying my own heritage? I never lived or worked on a farm. I know someone who grew up on one though, who now works in an office job in Dublin. Denying his own heritage, you could say.

A lovely girls for livestock competition
YOu should see them putting glitter on cows hooves and back brushing their tails

What’s a farm?


I don’t disassociate myself from it though. I’m a bogger and proud of it.

I could safely guess that your mother or father are children of farmers.

Anyone know where I can get the results? Thankfully this year’s event didn’t fall victim to the weather.

Great to see the Tullamore Show go ahead after 3 years in the wilderness. Not a patch on the Ploughing Cships though, where I first got pissed back in the day. :thumbsup:

It is a fine show but is no South East Clare Show!

How could you safely guess? By definition, you’re unsure and taking a punt on it.

Plenty of red diesel drank at the tullamore show I’d say.

It’s rare that there are people in Ireland who could go more than two or three generations without some link back to the land.


Just to inform all you with interest in Agricultural shows the the Ballinamore show is on Tuesday next followed by Mohill show next Sunday.
You are all,of course, welcome should you have anything to display :confused:.
A couple of sociable afternoons for us folk to enjoy…:smiley:

As an aside Farmer, Mohill’s draw with Carrick last night puts them in the q/f and leaves Carrick in the relegation dog-fight.
Mohill v Bornacoola then… Late session in JO’B’s post match…:thumbsup: