TV Rights, best avoided


Rte press release :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Dan? Dan?


Whats the problem? Im just looking for a reputable link?



Reputable? What changed?


Lads, it’s been a terrible few days for Irish sport. Can’t we all just get along for a while without these pointless arguments?

Soccerball fans - you’ve been humiliated
Ruggerball fans - the IRFU has turned Ireland into an international laughing stock
GAA fans - you’ve had your arse handed to you by a bunch of Aussies who can’t kick a round ball. And this weekend is the greatest farce of all time in Fenway park.

Aidan & Joseph O’Brien are single handedly saving Irish blushes internationally at the moment.


Great numbers


Ireland won their Test match, it’s been a great week.


I referenced few days Tim. Ireland haven’t played a test match in the last few days.




They’re were tested last night and fell on their holes


Sky have 9 sports channels on my feed. Tonight on Champions league night, the Main Event is a women’s rugby match between England and Canada. Three channels are showing Gillette Soccer Special. There is a repeat on the Cricket channel of how the T20 World Cup was won. On the golf channel there are highlights of an event on a satellite tour, the Trilby Tour. Another channel is showing a repeat of a Formula one race. There is Greyhound racing on the eighth channel and the ninth channel is also showing the women’s rugby.

Why do they even bother. It’d by kinder to the environment if they just switched off for the evening.


Even better. The trilby tour is a conpetition for club golfers of all handicaps that pay an entry fee. I went up to see a pal of mine playing in it before in druids glen… they have load of qualifiers and a big final then. Anyone with a handicap can play


BT Sport with Champions League across their platforms now and they have the Ashes too which starts overnight. They’re eating into areas where Sky had been dominating for the last decade or so.


Surprising response. I was expecting something along the lines of sure Women’s Rugby is box office.


You’re one night early on the Ashes mate.


Will you watch it? Think the first session tomorrow night will be worth staying up for.


Did BT get (m)any of the Sky cricket commentary team?


Always stay up for the first hour at the Gabba


Don’t know what they are doing on comms, possibly just taking Channel Nine feed. Which wouldn’t be good. Even worse, self regarding motormouths Swann and Vaughan will probably be in studio. Sky’s cricket coverage is excellent, I’m unhappy with the switch.