TV Rights, best avoided



Interesting, I like Ponting. Never heard Gilchrist or Fleming commentating


Gilchrist did some T20 commentary with Sky I think.


All of them I think


Was Fleming part of the Channel 4 coverage? Have a feeling either he or some other bowler of his vintage was involved.


Swann’s on the radio anyway. An utter knob. Don’t mind Vaughan as much.


Vaughan alright in small doses


Glenn McGrath is on TMS as well.


Loves himself


That was during the period that Channel 4 wasn’t on the Sky platform and I had no access


He does, but he can be entertaining. Swann ad correctly identified is an utter knob


Matt Smith has been a bit of a jack of all trades presenter too. Late night ITV football highlights, snooker on BBC at one stage if I recall correctly, possibly on Sky at one point also. Likes to wince and raise his eyebrows when talking about controversial incidents.


I’ll greatly miss Nasser Hussain, and to a slightly lesser extent Atherton


Surprised there’s no mention of Amazon and Facebook bidding for La liga rights. Has that been posted already?


Bet365 stream all the La Liga games


Fleming is good actually. Holding is a big loss if he’s not there. Bumble was a bit painful. Might listen to the first hour. Depends a bit on the time. Some rain forecast, but I suspect this’ll be a 3 and a half day job in any case.
England need both openers to play well throughout the series to stand a chance.
I’m going for 4-1 Australia.


I preferred atherton funnily enough.


Amazon will own this space soon


Great post. Can’t believe no one else posted it already.