TV Rights, best avoided


I reckon the average attendance for limericks QF SF and AI was 55k. More than 3k more than the games the Rubby crowd played at home.

Absolute box office, the people’s team


This is easily the weirdest thread on the internet. Peak TFK.


How? This discussion is on the most popular team in the country.

Leinster Rugby got 294k last year and that’s just home games. You’re going all in on the Limerick games.


You reckon? What’s the quarter final prelims?


No its not


Actually it is.

Please read my posts.

I asserts that the Irish rugby team are the most popular one on the island.

What on earth you’re arguing I do not know other than showing your deep analytical limitations.


Why were you having a dig at the GAA when the conversation is apparently about the most popular team in Ireland?


The most popular team in the country is clearly the Ireland football team followed by Liverpool followed by Man Utd




That’s probably true unfortunately.


The irony




You are barred from your local for getting in a brawl with a “scouse cunt”


That was just hijinx.


Where is your data?


I don’t need data, I have my finger on the pulse of the nation


You clearly don’t nor do you understand data. The ROI soccer team are followed when they go on jolly ups.


There are no more GGA games beyond semis and finals .


Did they fuck. The INTERNET was full of gobshites professing how it was suddenly acceptable to support england.

Anyone who priorities soccer over gaa is not truly irish.

The @Sidney is not a racist thread. NOT a racist

What was the highest sporting TV audience in Ireland in 2017?