TV Rights, best avoided


The GGA is an anti oirish organisation mate


Its not 1918 mate. They’re sports, people can prefer whichever they want to


Not football.


Yes I looked it up. Both GGA and soccer got higher attendances than any rugby game in 2017


They can, but they are fooling no one. Theres no such country as the republic of ireland, yet these clowns support a team that answers to that name.


Any player in the island of Ireland can play for the Republic of Ireland if they want to


No such country, are you a tipp north riding or south riding man yourself?




The team is called the Republic of Ireland


A national soccer team named after a term british people use for the nation. How apt.


Mick the muldoon is still living in a mud hut in Killimor


Are you a Hammersley? You always gave off a whiff


Dev was a rugby man


What are you talking about? Its sport mate, stop trying to tell people which one they should prefer


The gahilban trying to force their warped view if what it means to Irish on people


The GGA trying to force their sport on an unwilling population


Rugby is very well run and supported. It produces worrying levels of brain damage but nothing is perfect. Soccer is a stain, a cowards sport that produces criminals and wefare fraudsters.


Sure half the Tipp and Galway GGA teams are criminals


Which one are they trying to force ?


Just not good with numbers is all