Tv Shows & Mini Series


Better call Saul is great, I think season three is due to be released to Netflix very soon.


Taboo was very good i thought


I bet you like big burly men grunting at you you little gimp.


Love sick is an enjoyable enough watch. The main actor is a bit wooden/shit, but the rest of the cast are very good.

It’s about a lad who has to go back and tell all the birds he rode in the last few years that he had an STD. But it’s nothing to do with that really, it’s a weaving story flicking backwards and forwards in timelines. Hard to categorise it, It’s a black comedy I suppose, with some very funny moments.


Anyone watch This is us?
It’s a while since we watched anything not crime related but this is quite enjoyable after 5 episodes.


We ?


Christ. I’d say they have a nice name fusion for themselves too.




Big Little Lies started on Sky Atlantic. It’s a darkly comedy. What’s that?


A dark comedy? You probably aren’t allowed call things a black comedy anymore.


So is it a film foncé now?


Google images for a darkly comedy.


Finished 2 season of Bloodline on Netflix last night. Would recommend if you enjoy slow burning dramas.



Is Big Little Lies worth a watch?


Need something new to get my teeth into, gents. Any recommendations?


Le bureau on amazon prime is excellent.
Watching series 2 now.



Yes, takes a few episodes to get going. Strong cast.!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2017/01/15/754/n/1922398/2c13d189d460e28c_GettyImages-631714748/i/Big-Little-Lies-Cast-ELLE-Women-Television-2017.jpg


Third season of Fargo starts in three weeks time. Ewan McGregor is the lead actor in it