Tv Shows & Mini Series (Part 1)

[movie]Band of Brothers (tt0185906)[/movie]

Was watching some Band of Brothers again last night, has there ever been a better show on TV?

What other TV shows would you recommend? I’m currently filling the iPod in advance of a travelling jaunt at the end of the year, what should I be sourcing out? Have watched Band of Brothers many times now, but that will definitely be on there.

See the Heroes thread MGP. Excellent stuff it is.

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Have watched the 2 seasons of Heroes, 1st season was very good if not with its faults, second season was very disappointing though.

Work has started on Season 3 with rumours coming out that some stars who had no poweres previously will now have powers, not sure who that is referring to…

Sorry dude, couldn’t remember who posted on the thread and was too lazy too look it up. Can’t believe you were disappointed in Season 2 though - it gave me a boner.

Something I’ve always had a passing interest in but not seen much of is Nip/Tuck.

[movie]Nip Tuck[/movie]

I have Season 4 of Nip Tuck DL’d. They have moved to LA, not bad, bit silly in places but who coudlnt like Christian the prick. Also Kimber turns up again, so thats always good. And there’s a new chick in it, fucking hell she’s stunning, Eden or something is her name I think, must look for a pic…

Was watching a random episode last night on Asian telly and Famke Jansen who I love and want to make babies with was in it. I think she may be Eve. She was riding her son afaik. The show’s kinda weird and quirky which is what draws me to it.

Don’t watch many TV series or whatever but I found The Sopranos compelling and still watch a lot of old episodes. I generally only get worked up over ‘real’ things like sport matches or womens’ boobies and I’m not that into fiction at all, be it books, film or TV. So the fact that Sopranos blew me away, like Farmer’s aunty on a busy Saturday, shows to me anyway that it was off the hook, off the chain.

Yea I remember that one, she is fucking stunning Famke, but its not her as you’ll see from the pic above. Think that was Season 2.

[movie]Shameless (tt0377260)[/movie]

Get some Shameless on there if you haven’t seen any. It’s the best tv show ever with the exception of the Sopranos. Although you should watch from series one. It began to slip in series 4. Comedywise, Green wing is legend. I have that and the entire black books sets but can’t watch them cos my dvd only recognises fake dvds!

I loved Shameless early on alright. I think it’s pretty poor now to the extent that I don’t watch it anymore.

Everything Bandage said.

eature=related"]YouTube - Christophers Intervention[/ame]

I suppose if I make an effort to watch tv series I go for the grrtty but well written well acted often complex shows so its The Wire for me. Essential box set viewing. A second after The Sopranos of course but nothing I have seen even comes close to these two.

Band of Brothers was class alright.

The popcorn shows such as Prison Break, Lost, CSI, 24 while entertaining in parts just don’t hold my attention anymore. For escapism I stick to comedy box sets…Seinfeld, Curb, The Office,etc,etc.

I have being highly recommended a show called “Weeds”. Anyone seen it?

Comedy wise I’d recommend:

Human Remains, Office, US Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, etc.

I have the Wire at home Phil - or at least a series or two of it - but haven’t been tempted to watch it yet. If it’s a definite winner then I suppose I’ll throw it on and enjoy it.

Watched that Chris intervention video there. Classic. So much is going on it those 7 minutes. I haven’t seen such well crafted work before or since.

Weeds is quite good, not sure where its going now with this new season thats showing in the States. When in Aggrestic though it was very good viewing.

Every man should watch Band of Brothers at least once. FACT.

Rock…trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Just had to ring someone there with the initials PL. I had to ask for him by name. I was just after reading this post and asked for Phil Leotardo instead. I hung up overwhelmed with embarrassment.

Waaaaaa!! thats gas… perhaps you should have waited until voting was over before revealing that.

Quite a setback there Rocko taking into account your irrational phobia of telephone usage.

Arrested Development. You wont be disappointed.