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Same here - That’s why I’ve been subjected to Dirty Little Liars on Netflix over the last month or so…:confounded:


Pretty Little Liars mate, and god help you.


It’s some awful muck — some fine young ladies — but terrible.


Think I watched the first episode when it aired first and moved on.


Vera is feature length and is a bit slow like Shetland.

Scott & Bailey is more like Happy Valley. The wife will like it.


Just finished S4 of Bates Motel there. Very decent psychological thriller, and the last two episodes of S4 were excellent.


Mr Mercedes with Brendan Gleeson


Watched up to 3 and just haven’t got around to 4 … Thanks for reminding me.


Four is a step up on 3, which was a little meh.


Anyone watch Legion? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. Bizarre but kind of good at the same time.


What’s it about?


Yeah. Mr Robot is a superior mindfuck program imo.


its a load of mutants and one lad trying to figure out his powers but it’s a complete mindfuck the whole way through he never knows what’s real and what’s in his head


Sounds like a few posters on here, in all honesty.


Slow burner this season.


Oz arks, gents. Any use?


Excellent. Well worth a watch.


Yep good show


Right that’s next up so once I finish Last Chance U.


Obe of the best shows in a good while