Tv Shows & Mini Series


Yeah the freeleech tend to be the bigger files too so can make a big enough difference.


The deuce finished a bit shit though


As Rocko said, just keep seeding and you are grand.

The seeding amount depends entirely on the popularity/recentness of the program.


Anyone watch Mindhunter?


Never heard of it bro whats it about


Haven’t a clue, saw it pop up on Netflix last night, sounds good.


Mentioned 9d above by @Turenne. He might fill us in. Cop show set in the '70s. I’ve downloaded but not had a chance to watch yet.


Mind hunter is good, not great, but good


Supposed to have a very good soundtrack. Not sure if the show is any use however


Mindhunter is a solid 8/10 psychological crime drama.


I mentioned this a few weeks ago on netflix.

Very good. Well worth it


I assumed he was joking its been the talk of this thread for weeks


Sorry mate… I can’t read every thread… I usually focus on one’s that mention pretend ira or rastooler.


Youv also been hopping up and down for the last few weeks about rugby concerns that you have. You are kept very very very busy


I don’t have too many concerns, just curiosities


You can’t be very smart so if it takes you all this time to satisfy curiosities


New one’s crop up every day, pal… I’m curious about lots of things.


Maybe concentrate on a small few.
Get more done



The final episode of this is brilliant. Quality show.