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You’re the cunt whose putting roots down in Cork




Cork is the centre of the universe


Just watched the second episode. It was a load of shite, saved only by a bit of Simple Minds at the end.


Some amount of simple minds on here


I had to laugh at that…


The Sinner any good ?

Edit 94% on Tomatoes.


This was the other one I’ve been recommended. I’d (You) give it a rattle, and then let me know.

Onto Episode 5 of THT.

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.


Under his eye.


I would disregard RT for TV, anything half decent gets 90-100%. Check metacritic instead.


‘The Punisher’ getting a hammering review wise. Leaves ‘The Gifted’ as still the only anyway decent superhero TV show (I found ‘Daredevil’ fairly boring).


Finished stranger things 2 last night, better than series 1.


Peaky Blinders returns tonight


I sat down the Sunday night to watch season 2 but I couldn’t face it… Something fierce annoying about them kids.

I’ll have another go Friday evening maybe


First few episodes are meh but it really kicks in after about 5


The Sinner is worth a watch, guys.


Loved Season 2 of Stranger Things. Did very well to broaden the story and the characters. The trip to Philly midway felt very bizarre though and I suspect it was an attempt to create a backdoor pilot, what thoughts you @cluaindiuic?


Haven’t watched it yet. It’s on the list. Maybe over Christmas.


Started watching unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt yesterday. Decent enough and Ellie kemper would get it


A fucking bizarre segway in the middle of it. Only reason for it is to create some road for season three, but we didn’t really need it pointed out that since she’s eleven there’s more of them out there. I hope they leave the “upside down” world alone now and play back in the real World for season three. It was enjoyable overall but you could have predicted how it was going to end before it started which is a bad sign.

Even the nice lad that was going out with Winona Ryder, as soon as I saw him I said he’s not making it through this season anyway.