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Ya, strange how they sew a seed of doubt about somebody but put it to bed almost immediately, it’s happened throughout, it’s a nice length sat 45 minutes an episode


Watched the pilot of get shorty which seems to be a spin off the movies. Chris ODowd is the main protagonist. It was fucking awful. Watching the second one now and if it’s bad it’ll get the road


I watched all the episodes, thought the plot/idea was quite good but the show itself and the acting was beyond shit. The scenes with the yoofs partying, taking selfies etc were especially cringeworthy, like something you’d see on The Bill.


Ah yeah, there’s actually a lot of characters that you’d be unsympathetic to, I can’t understand how they didn’t give the main role to a British actor, I’d say yer man is a good actor but I can’t really take him seriously,
Still a decent enough show though


Fauda any good?


It must be popular, there was a Fauda crisis a few months back


Worth a watch. I’m three episodes in.


Finished it last week decent enough


Is West world season 2 worth continuing with? watched the first 2 episodes a few weeks back… wasnt great.


No, it’s shite.


I’ve decided not to watch season 2. I enjoyed season 1 and I haven’t heard anything to convince me it’s worth tarnishing its memory on season 2


Utter shit.


Well worth following. The last episode was one of the greatest ones in TV history.


Often the case. Writers or producers spend years thinking up a plot for a show. If it ends up being a success they have months to rush through a second series with no time or thought put into it and you get an abomination. Another reason the wire is a cut above all else.


In fairness it opened up nicely for a second season, didn’t seem a forced cliff hanger like you get sometimes where they just tack something on for the sake of it, seemed like a second season was always in the offing. It’s just the awful reviews putting me off


I was speaking in pure generalizations there pal. Have seen season one yet as im having trouble figuring out a way to watch it, the main trouble being i haven’t started looking for a way yet.


And Mad Men. The story arc and character development was so, so good.


The West Wing also, even though Sorkin admitted to making it up as he went, his writing was so good that he could write himself in and out of any hole he wished. Shame he ever left it.


I must watch it again.


Think Simon had five series of The Wire already planned out in his head.
Remember hearing that was one of the reasons Ray Winstone pulled out of the McNulty role. Something about having to go over there for (part of) five years