Tv Shows & Mini Series


justv started re-watching 6 feet under, was a great but fucked up show. Nathaniel fisher is a great character.


I started better call saul last night. One episode in. Is it worth persisting with. Fuck all much happened in the 1st one.


Yes. It is a slow burner of a series. But well worth it imo.




Very few TV series are “worth persisting with” IMO. Read a book instead.


I’ve fuck all left in the house that I haven’t read at least twice and I haven’t been at an airport in a while to pick one up. TV is the last resort in my house


Go watch NCIS it would be more your speed


I’d say if some crafty fucker opened up a shop that sold books that wasn’t in an airport he’d make a fucking killing.


Surely one for the business ideas thread.


QB1. Talk to me @Robert_Emmet. Worth a look?


The game time is but in between not so much… Starts off slow but does get better.


Sharp objects is dark as fuck. Dont bother yer bollixes


I’ll give it a whirl so.


Succession is excellent.



watched a few episodes of disenchantment (new show from matt groening) last night.

giant meh

cc @glasagusban


Watched the first three. Same, disappointing. Might find its way in season 2 like Simpsons and Futurama before it.


Read a fucking book instead


Spent the last few weeks watching Sherlock. An absolute gem of a series.


Cobra Kai!