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S1 E1 was on sky atlantic tonight so looks like they gonna show it through


All on either movie HD,or showbox( Kodi)


It must be on the usual torrent sites.
Have you looked?


Season 3 of True Detective is a real return to form after a shit second series. Excellently made, honestly havent a clue where it is going to go but it is enthralling


Pretty much the same – No idea where it’s going but not bothered either.


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I’ve watched four episodes for far, it’s been excellent. Makes you wonder how they got it so badly wrong in season 2.


Slowly making my way through ‘My Beautiful Friend’ - great program.


Would that be “My Brilliant Friend”?


It would indeed, a bit drunk, apologies.


Perfectly entitled to be don’t apologise.


Rushed Season 2, script was a mess


Episode six has blown the whole thing wide open :ronnyroar:


How many episodes in total?


Think the other seasons had 10 — it’s still airing weekly.


Episode six aired Sunday night. Think there is 8 in total

Very like the first series, told over three separate timelines. 1980, 1990 and 2015.

Did anyone else spot the “mini cameo” of Rust and Marty in episode five?


I missed that.

Is this the first decent thing HBO have done since season 1 of True Detective? They’ve been on a terrible run of late.


Game of Thrones
Big Little Lies
Silicon Valley

Off the top of my head.


I liked The Night Of and Show Me a Hero. Not sure if they came before or after S1 of True Detective.


When the journalist shows old Wayne the newspaper picture on her laptop it is referring to the case from season one there is a picture of Rust and Marty on the front of it


“In the line of duty” is very good.

New season of Cold Feet is an emotional rollercoaster.