TV Tonight

Interesting show on BBC 2 now.

About accessing the the truth through fiction

Decent doc on bbc2 now trying to make some sense of the last year in politics

Farage is ‘astute’.
Who knew?

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Romper Stomper Aussie drama series starting right now on bbc. ep 1. Season record lads.

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That odious creep Aodhan O’Riordan is taking on Ewan McKenna in a debate about Dublin football on the Tonight show on TV3 after the break.

One off live Tomorrow’s World on BBC Four tonight.

Loved that show.


When the future looked bright and shiny.

Fascinating show on prison life in the uk. The lads are allowed receive pics of their mrs topless but no below the belt shots. Very odd.

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Jaysus but Emmerdale isn’t what it used to be.

Strayed into it after tonight’s episode of Love Island.

Post reported

The lonely battle of Thomas Reid on rte1 now.

Is this Thomas Reid or an actor?

This is Thomas himself

Bloody hell.

is it?

Strange programme.

It is

A harmless ould odd ball.

That said when the women in this house gang up on me I do often long for this type of existence.


Turned it off after he named all the Dallas characters after spending 5 mins explaining how Tesco breaded fish is better than Donegal Catch. Bizarre and had great potential

he doesn’t believe in dehorning the cattle

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