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Eden is on RT and 21:40 I think. Went to see the play of this a few years ago and it was excellent. Cracking depiction of life in the midlands, and the basis for much of Pure Mule. Anyway they filmed the original play and it’s on tonight - I’d be surprised if it’s not excellent.

Twas good alright Rocko. Can’t picture them doing it as a double hander in the theatre though

Actually didn’t think that much of it - was a much better play.

The play is basically just monologues with the two of them describing their nights out. Different plot as well - there’s no reconciliation at the end of the play and the whole thing is based around one weekend of Billy’s “Holy Trinity” of Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night in the town.

Depends on the actors but I saw it a few years ago and it was compelling viewing.

Billy was a class act although, sad to say, I was probably looking at a mirror of myself.

Was it me or was the club called coppers?

Ghostbusters II on the Comedy Channel here. Superb stuff. Has Bill Murray ever been in a bad film?

Unacceptable thread bump. The main TV thread has thousands of replies. Sorry, but you’re getting a “dumb” for this.

Fuck off, I wasn’t arsed finding it. And I got an illicit thrill from bumping a very old thread. I had my fun etc.

That fucker Niall Moyna on again.

This fucking search function @Rocko -anyway the David Brent dance scene episode of The Office is on UK Gold +1 in 15 minutes for any fans out there.

Programme about forum favourite Tony O’Reilly on RTE1 Now. The first 4 minutes have been vomit inducing and I don’t think I’ll last another 4.

Make Leicester British is an interesting watch on channel 4. Plenty of heated debate

Looking forward to @Tassotti 's erudite and considered opinion.

52 mosques :eek:

Jesus Tony has lived some fucking life. Good mates with Mugabe, Reagan, Clinton, Mandela, Kissinger and Bertie.

The illuminati are everywhere

Turned it off about a minute after I posted that when Seamus Mallon said that the banks shouldn’t have asked him to pay back the money he owed because he was Irish and they were Irish. Interesting life all the same from what I’ve seen previously.

Anything worth a look tonight ladies? Too lazy to go through the scheduling

Ban this imbecile


What time is that on? What channel? What’s it about?

The Refugee Camp: Our Desert Home on BBC2 now…