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We had war at a quiz night over that one.

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A lot of bullshit been spouted by a student there on Ireland AM about his commute to lectures in UCD.

He said he lives in Maynooth and has a six hour commute each day back and forth to UCD.

I know of buses that go directly from Maynooth to UCD in the morning and evening that would take an hour and 15 minutes max.

Do they actually vet the people who they bring on the show?

Unvetted males on buses at it again.

Not quite the same, but whenever a programme has a segment asking random people on the street what their views on something are I have to tune out.

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There’s no story in a regular bus journey/transport proximate to study.

So, yes, they are fully vetted id say.

Or reading out tweets or texts.

‘Someone tweeted us to say that their landlord has threatened to evict them and their three kids’

What’s the full story though? That could be the equivalent of Ball Ox acting the cunt.

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Una Healy struggling mightily with the step up to the big leagues here presenting Ireland am this morning. Made some bizarre observations as they went through the mornings front pages, is giggling like a school girl at times to any little quip by Alan and Tommy.

I’d say Alan Hughes feels a bit like Conor Whelan on Saturday evening here. Badly let down by his supporting cast this morning and carrying the whole show on his back


Is she filling in for the Limerick wan?

Who is the lady presenting Ireland AM this morning? :flushed:

There are 4 people on that couch talking sport and I have no idea who any of them are.

Muireann O’Connell will be the next presenter of the Late Late Show,

You’ve a bad dose of baby brain lad

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She’s lucky to be holding down her current Early Early Show role with the help of two other presenters

I think she’s an excellent presenter.