Tyrone - Kildare

Wouldn’t mind seeing Tyrone putting Kildare back in their box here. Kildare have been getting a lot of praise and it doesn’t sit well. They bottled it against a Dublin team who were a man down and relying on the auld lads to do the business. Tyrone should win easily enough I would think, and teach them a lesson along the way.

BOOM… and yer done!

over 31.5 points - evens with boyles

back it till your hand is sore

[quote=“north county corncrake”]over 31.5 points - evens with boyles

back it till your hand is sore[/quote]

huh??..why not do it once with the total amount your going to bet???..:confused:

Goal for Kildare and they pan to the fans celebrating in their Cork jerseys. Poor stuff. Fuck sake director find some Kildare fans.

Great score from Davy Harte there…

Cork fans seemed to enjoy that goal. Be interesting to see can the floury fellas keep this up.

Tyrone look very vulnerable here. Cavanagh has done fuck all so far and Tyrone look a yard off what they normally are. There was a 50-50 ball in the midfeld in the lead up to the goal which was there to be won between McMenamin and a Kildate man and McMenamin completely pulled out of it. Things like that can give you a pointer as to a team’s mindset and Tyrone don’t look up for it today. Kildare keeping the ball very well.

Tyrone seriously missing Devines kick outs here.

Kildare looking good. Kevin Huges is a huge weak link for Tyrone today, his lack of pace is being exposed.
Ronan Sweeney is using all his experience.

Jesus Christ Ger Canning is some fucktard…ruining the game!

Spot on Sid. Think Tyrone were caught a little cold. Usual intensity isn’t there at the moment, but I dont believe the likes of Dooher and Sean will be kept quiet for long.

Eh linesman, hello? A sideline ball is not supposed to be taken from five yards in.

the amount of times kildare get the ball into the scoring zone only to work it all the way back out of scoring range could cost them yet…

[quote=“caoimhaoin”]. Kevin Huges is a huge weak link for Tyrone today, his lack of pace is being exposed.

don’t agree with that kev…hughes is there to spoil and is very good at it…think he’s been one of the better ones for them…

Utter scumbag behaviour here from Kildare players, McG has coached them well. Was thinking that too about Doyles sideline ball, cant believe he got away with it.

Tyrone lacking a freetaker from that side as shown by McGuigan’s misses. Probably the most intense game of the championship so far, very claustrophobic out there. Could boil over yet.

Shocking intimidation there of the Tyrone freetakers, embarrassing.

The half backs are looking up and when they see Hughes they just go around him, otherwise they pass it. He’s been burnt at least 4 or 5 times. The type of game is not suiting him.

Tyrone will still win through…Kildare have given their best and are only 4 points up - Tyrone will up it 2nd half.