UEFA Champions League 2018/2019 Round of 16


It will be a real battle .


Atlético never feared Juventus


Man City


Liverpool will be at home first.


Plenty of time to set up for the bus attack.


Ah that’s been done - dont think many teams are as fragile as Manchester City so i’m not sure it will have the desired … Maybe Liverpool fans will just murder some Munich fans?


Maybe? Dont they murder someone at every game?




Just as I suspected.


They only murder Italians mate. No problems with the Gerrys anymore


Kicking off now.


I see Didi Hamann reckons Van Dyke is a better defender than Thiago Silva. Lolzers.

I’m watching the Roma game anyway, guys.


Booing Di Maria :joy:


Lovely bit of skill from SES nearly sets up a goal. Good rob from Pellegrini to start it off.


Started off well here, getting good joy down the wings but there’s an inevitability that we will get done on the break.


It’s good to hear that Manchester United supporters at least still have a pulse, because they’ve made little or no noise since the teams came onto the pitch.

They’re well entitled to boo him too, as he was stone useless for them and didn’t try a leg.

There’s a strange paradox in this tie in terms of the respective supports. Manchester United are undoubtedly the club with the more illustrious history, founded as they were in 1902, compared to Paris only being founded in 1970 - and Manchester United are sometimes thought to be a vestige of “real football” compared to Paris being the archetypal plastic club.

Yet Manchester United’s crowd is now largely comprised of silent middle aged men and phone-browsing, camera-clicking day trippers, whereas the Paris supporters actually do drum up a serious din in these ties, both away and home.


That was a fantastic ball in by Ashley Young. Beckham-esque.


We’ve been the best side in this opening 20 minutes but I fear the worst. I’ve seen this with Roma too often this season.


Man United fairly dominant without creating much.


I don’t know where to put to put this exactly but here is as good as anywhere.

I was listening to the end of Off The Ball last night and they got that Leon Blanche chap from some bookmaking firm on to preview this week’s Champions League games.

Blanche said he fancied Borussia Dortmund to beat Tottenham over the two legs, because, in his own words “Dortmund are absolutely flying at the moment”.

Dortmund have failed to win any of their last three games - two draws in the league and a defeat in the German Cup on penalties.

The use of spoofers from turf accounting firms to “preview” football games irks me quite a bit, actually.