UEFA Champions League 2018/2019 Round of 16


Casillas flaps at the cross and Cristante works it to Pellegrini who doesn’t really catch his shot. Kolarov doing very well on the overlap.


That would have been some goal


Pogba needs to be careful. This is a decent standard


That Manchester United midfield isn’t offering a great deal of protection to the back four. Pogba was caught napping there.


Shocking miscue of a clearance by Fazio allows Porto the ball in a dangerous area but the hit is tame.


PSG have settled here and are starting to take control


Pogba should be gone


Both teams playing on the counter. Mbappe is fucking ridiculous the speed of him


As should Kimpembe


We’ll hardly finish with the full compliment here


More of a dive really


No shortage of yellows in this.


If it’s a dive it’s a yellow for Shaw then


Diving. Yellow for shaw


There’s a nice bite to this all the same


Fantastic delivery from Pellegrini from a free out on the right but Manolas just can’t get his contact right.


Jaysus I wish I was on over cards here :grin:


Shaw was pulled first and then taken out by the other player. Farcical decision.


Over 40 card points was 10/11 :see_no_evil:


Just the pure pace of the game generating cards.