UEFA Champions League 2018/2019 Round of 16


There’s a decent pace to the game, but it’s all a bit boring goals wise. Hopefully PSG nick one early and force United to go for it


That Rhodri giggs ad is gas .


I’d sign verrati in the summer if I could. Perfect foil to pogba and would allow man united slip from a 4-3-3 to 4-2-3-1. In games like tonight your better off having pogba playing behind rashford and giving him a free role. He’s zero discipline but always gives the opposition something to think off.


A Manchester United goal would be better for the tie. Paris are the dominant team so far.

I’ve no doubt Manchester United will score first, though.


Huh? They’ve a much stronger team tonight. No verratti, Buffon or alves v murderpool.


Oh my god — You said murerpool ---- Now i’m going to have to come back with a disparaging remark about man utd or I will have lost the internet …

Man U rhymes with pooh …




Woman United?


George chewing and commentating simultaneously here after the hand back from the studio.


Casillas again all over the shop and Cristante also has an effort straight down his throat.

Good start to the second half from Roma.


For all the yellow cards the ref is letting a lot go here.

How long before a Neil Taylor-esque tackle?


Clear foul on Zaniolo ignored from the referee, one lad tugging out of his shirt while the other comes and takes him out around his thigh. He’s such a strong young man.


He’s loth to give a second yellow. So fill your boots after the first caution


Deserved goal for PSG


That was coming


That was dreadful set piece defending.


Di Maria enjoyed that!!!


Beglin nails it . Man United were mad to sell felliani


That’s a lovely finish


First real chance for Porto. Header from Danilo flashes across the goal from a corner.