UEFA Champions League 2018/2019 Round of 16


Ref bottled that big time


Viktor lindelofftarget @Sidney


English clubs consistently get dubious decisions in Europe.


Just turned it on there to see the ref bottle sending Young off … OGS will have to take him off now. The slightest incident and he’s gone.


Bottle job by the referee. A certain yellow if Young hadn’t already been booked.


Pogba could be gone already as well


There’s a lovely bit of cut to this. It’s just a pity it wasn’t Neymar that Young shoved into the fence.


How did liverpool get destoryed by this lot. Outplayed twice too.


Did Pogba not even bother coming back for that corner? :grinning:


Verratti is a proper footballer.


Would you prefer Whelan or Houghton??


Nothing worse than when some cunt steals your story


Liverpool pissed all over them at Anfield … they werent missing most of their first team either like they are tonight


Top top notch


0-0 HT in Rome.

Pretty flat, Roma had the one real chance in the game when Dzeko saw his effort rocket off the post.


What a shit free kick


No pretty sure they were totally outplayed both nights. Psg were robbed in anfield.


Lingard is a very good squad player but at this level he lacks a trick or two.


Di Maria just doesnt like Old Trafford


No - Pretty sure they weren’t mate. Liverpool missed a rake of chances that night and PSG got a 84th minute goal totally against the run of play. They are a very decent team when at full strength. Their B team are doing ok tonight