UEFA Champions League 2018/2019 Round of 16


De gea must wonder why he bothers.


Manchester United know what they’re doing in defence.

I can’t see any problem with allowing Mbappe acres of space to run into.




Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is to Manchester United managers as what Stuart Pearce was to Manchester City ones. A mid season appointment, an initial upsurge in fortunes based on a feel good factor but ultimately tactically bereft and a bit of a laughing stock.


This really highlights how awful the premier league is at the moment if Man United are the form team.


The cream rising to the top now


What an absolute talent Zaniolo is, the biggest thing to come out of Italy since Totti.


Terrible comparison. He’s similar to di matteo or avram grant.


Manchester United need to bring on Martial. Oh wait.


Looking very nervy now.


Di Matteo won the CL as manager & grant was a JT slip from the same .


Bring back fellani


Di Matteo and Grant could prepare competitive teams in Europe.


Nope just the look of the draw really.


He got his tactics badly wrong tonight. Rashford and Martial in this channels might as well not have been playing and that left them short in midfield. Attacking wise they’ve barely existed.

Pogba has displayed all the laziest aspects of his game and their defending has been dreadful.


@AppleCrumbled is really filling the Flano of 5 or so years ago gap on here


Marquinhos has destroyed Pogba here.


PSG playing ducks and drakes with United here.




Pogba is a disgusting footballer. Hes packed in here.