UEFA Champions League 2018/2019 Round of 16


Ferguson-esque Man Utd European performance


Absolute bollocks.

It’s 2-1.



cc @mickee321.


Fluke goal as the striker slices his shot and it ends up playing the attacker through.


Verrati off.

United will get on top now.


This will end 2-2.


Yer man Kimpembe has been excellent for Paris. I’d never heard of him before this game.


Are Porto useful ?


Not really. We’ve been comfortably better. They haven’t really had a sniff, one chance from a set play before a fluke goal.


Moyesesqe tactics on show here from Man Yoo. Hoof it into the box and hope for the best


They sold the one player who is good for that game ,


Nzonzi for Pellegrini who was superb in the second half.

Herrera nearly with a stunning equaliser there.


Young is cat malojan


A fraud of a player won his medals on the hard work of others


Does Ole not rate Pashford?


It looks like the The Chosen One will remain the only Manchester United manager to guide them through to the last eight of the European Cup since 2011.

He’s available again…


Santon for Zaniolo.


8 of the first 9 league matches Coach Solskjaer has faced were against sides in the bottom half of the table. Spurs the only side in the top half of the table they’ve played.


Waits til the 83rd minute to bring on lukaku, ffs big rom needs a good 10 mins to find his touch


It was @chocolatemicecthat that described man united as the form team. I outlined my worries about united this morning.