UEFA Cup Final

Sevilla v Espanyol in Glasgow.

Pity it didn’t turn out to be Sevilla v Werder Bremen but Bremen have had a disastrous couple of weeks in Europe and in the Bundesliga.

Quotes from the Sevilla chief executive in the paper today (http://www.theherald.co.uk/sport/headlines/display.var.1379230.0.0.php):

“I remember perfectly the UEFA Cup final of 2003,” he smiled. "Welcoming the fans of Celtic and Porto was a very nice experience for everyone connected with the city of Seville. Celtic took many more supporters than Porto - probably three times as many - which was surprising since Portugal is only next door and Celtic fans had further to travel.

"I have an image that sticks in my mind of looking down and seeing the Celtic supporters swarming across the city, getting on and off buses, and drinking a lot of beer. But they were not causing any problems for anyone. Far from it.

"Sevilla supporters are not exactly the same as Celtic fans because we do not have the same experience of travelling in Europe. Like the Celtic fans, our fans will not be causing any problems in Scotland.

“I hope the Celtic fans will be supporting us in the final. We would love to create something similar to what Celtic have created - to become a recognised name across the world; to have supporters everywhere calling Sevilla their second team. We hope to leave Glasgow with the UEFA Cup and a lot of new friends.”

Is it been played in Celtic Park or Ibrox?


Hampden Park

I was always under the impression that Hampden Park was in Edinburgh. Just googled it there to find out its actually in Glasgow :-[ :-[

Complete waste of money if you ask me - they spent millions refurbishing it and there’s already two 50k+ stadia in the city - plus Murrayfield in Edinburgh. There’s no point to Hampden at all other than giving the lesser Scottish clubs something they feel they can relate to.

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A lot of people think Hampden Park is in Edinburgh. Actually had a row about it in the pub recently with someone who was adamant about it. Really pi$$ed me off when you know someone’s talking scheidt but they won’t admit they’re wrong. Like any conversation I have with farmer really.

Probably won’t ge to see this tonight as tfk will be defeating some crowd of pretenders up in Raheny. Have watched a fair bit of Sevilla this season and they can be a joy to watch at times. Saw Espanyol really destroy Barca in the derby a couple of months back but they’ve been less consistent. They have a lot of good players too though and De La Pena is playing great stuff for them. Hope it’s open and attacking and that it doesn’t become a cagey, overly tactical affair through their familiarity with each other.

farmer and flano will be off watching Wolves and West Brom in the play offs instead probably. ;D

Only saw the last 10 mins of extra time and the shoot out but my taxi driver tonight said it was a brilliant game. Watching the analysis at the end there seemed to be chance after chance. Glad Sevilla won it as I am an admirer of their stylish play and their city.

I love hun message boards:

I went to the game with my nephew yesterday and bought a couple of programmes.

98 pages

6 devoted to great scottish managers , Busby, Ferguson, Stein & Shankly with full details of their respective careers - oh except Sir Alex did not apparently play for Rangers.

8 pages on Billy McNeill - mmmmm

2 pages (in total) on Rangers, Aberdeen & Dundee Utd

4 pages on the Lisbon Lions

2 pages on Paul Lambert

2 pages on Alex McLeish re Aberdeen winning ECWC

2 pages on Willie Miller re Aberdeen winning the ECWC

Then FFS 6 pages from Henrik Larsson

Finaly a page on fair play in Glasgow - cue a photo of Blatter with a Celtic Top.

If you were Spanish or indeed from anywhere outwith Scotland reading this the message is clear. There is only one team in Glasgow.

Rangers no doubt will ignore this but it is a horrendous piece of airbrushing the history of our city and club.

How are you too close to the pitch with the track around the perimeter? Never been there so I don’t know but I’d imagined it would seem more distant. Plus it seems to slope back more than other stadia.

as long as Lenny lifts that trophy, i couldnt give a fuck what the stadium is like !!

read yesterday that Nadal is unbeaten in his last 79 matches on clay - that is simply astonishing. Mrs Raven must be oozing confidence ahead of the French Open FoR !!

looks a good accumulator alright. What does it work out at ?

they shouldnt. i was impressed with them against Derry - you going ?

let me know - i’ll head along if your going.

1000 posts Raven - impressive although id say 990 have been negative !!!

They’re not playing til Sunday at Hibs afaik.

It’s not a running track - it’s one of those ash tracks for speedway or something.

Are you planning anything for the Scottish Cup final next weekend, rocko? Trying to really plan ahead here. Lenny’s last game - potential to be highly emotional like Larsson’s in 2004.