UEFA Nations League

Draw will be streamed LIVE on UEFA website at 5pm
i have verified we cannot draw denmark or NI
despite finishing LAST in our League B group we have not been relegated to League C


Luis Figo (Portugal), Philippe Senderos (Switzerland), Rafael van der Vaart (Netherlands) and David Seaman (England) will ably assist with the draw

Senderos :rofl:

yep representatives from the 4 finalists last summer
Cant wait for this
double matchdays in sept oct nov

i have no idea if or how it influences world cup qualifying for qatar

There’ll be 10 qualifying groups. 10 winners to qualify, 10 runners up into playoffs for 3 spots. Last 2 playoff spots will go to the highest ranked Nations League group winners not already qualified or in the playoffs.

It’ll be Wales,Scotland,Ireland and Israel.

Are league D guaranteed a playoff spot? Only seven teams in it.

Republic of Ireland and Bulgaria in the same group.

Finland, Bulgaria and us. Nice draw so far.

Wales again :joy:

Wales, Finland, Ireland and Bulgaria. Happy with that.

Austria, Norway, the North and Romania.

Czech Republic, Scotland, Slovakia and Israel.

Group 3 is a dinger - Russia, Serbia, Turkey and Hungary!

Great draw, can aim to win that. Always getting Wales again.

Ireland v Wales a Battle of Britain according to Kaveh Solhekol on Sky Sports News.

He’ll be slaughtered on Joe.ie later for that.

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Will this nations league be another way for World cup qualification?

No guarantee, they’ll only get a slot if one or less of the group winners in Leagues A, B and C haven’t qualified for made the playoffs through the qualifiers.

nobody really knows but there is a special olympics theme to major tournament qualification of late

Great group for us, have top top that

De Jong looks like a completely different player for the Dutch. Playing well and everything going through him

Looks a total passenger for barca then.