UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Sonnen Live Stream

With all yet one of his UFC triumphs resolution in a choice, want no showboating or squandered time by Sonnen. His energy for prefight exchange in any case, the wrestler is immaculate business in the enclosure. “The Gangsta from West Linn” ought to take Rua off his vertical base, invalidating the possibility of an one-shot knockout. Through blending his hitting and being unusual with his takedowns -while administering a high rhythm pace for five full rounds -Sonnen will look to crush the previous PRIDE champion into the canvas at each chance.

WATCH HERE: UFC Fight Night Shogun vs Sonnen Live Stream

Peril slinks for the All-American wrestler however, as he ought to be careful about falling into a Brazilian’s watchman by and by. Shogun is apro battling off his back, the jiu-jitsu hitman could look to persuade an accommodation from a weary Sonnen at the closure of a round. The strategy for the “awful fellow” will be to stay in an overwhelming position and keep away from any last minute groud strike.

The previous UFC light heavyweight champion Rua might love to keep this battle standing to utilise his celebrated around the world muay thai plum and knees. “Shogun” might be keen to shift his strike, striking to the legs of the American, to both keep him at narrows and in turn sapping Sonnen’s quality for his famous force twofold leg takedown.

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