Sick of the current umbrella I have at the minute. A gust of wind its inside out. :frowning:

Thats because you use a small one, get yourself proper umbrella.

I fooking hate people with umbrellas in busy city centre streets, I can’t recall the amount of times I’ve had to duck because a pint sized woman nearly took my eye out with her lethal weapon!

People like Farmer should be the only people allowed to use umbrellas on busy city streets!! Having said that though they might take a birds beak out or something, better than my eye though!

A good umbrella can prove to be of critical importance. I used to think it was ridiculous to carry one around with you like a lady but more and more I’m becoming an advocate of them. I have a golf-type one but I only bring it to work with me if it’s raining in the morning as it seems silly carrying one when the weather’s nice. This has counted against me at times, no more so than yesterday evening, when a dry morning has been followed by torrential rain later in the day. The really clever people overcome this by having a second umbrella in work but I classify that as displaying too much effort. Instead I got absolutely soaked strolling home. I even broke my journey by going into the barber shop and getting my hair cut in the hope the rain would have stopped by the time I was finished. The opposite happened though and I ended up getting a worse drenching which was exacerbated by the fact that the rain was rolling down my head and into my eyes and stuff. I shouldn’t have got my head shaved.

I had the choice of wearing a rainproof Stena Line jacket home if it was pissing out of the heavens come 1700! Only problem was that it was a high visability one with Stena Line written across the back:

Pros: I was dry and Stena paid me for advertising their product.
Cons: I looked like a twat and had to wear it the next morning even if it wasn’t raining!

The pitfall with this is when you dont bring an umbrella in and you need to take the second one home. If you wake up to a beautiful morning the next day you won’t take the umbrella from the office back into the office and then your fooked if it rains that evening.

Exactly Flano. So then you’re left with 2 umbrellas at home and none in work. So the next time it rains during the day you’re going to get soaked anyway. Or else quickly nip to the shop at lunch in between showers and buy a 3rd umbrella although then you look like a freak with an umbrella fetish. I think the way to overcome the issue of having no umbrella in work when it’s lashing rain outside is to go for a stroll to a different section / floor of the office and rob someone else’s umbrella and then just throw it in the wheelie bin when you get home.

nothing worse than getting caught walking into work carrying someone else’s umbrella. i did it once and the (previous) owner gave me a look like i’d just groped his kid.

You probably shouldn’t have groped his kid though.

Hope Jugs kept the kid dry with his co-workers umbrella while the act of groping was taking place

He used the umbrella on the kid