Unbeaten Records

This is a fucking massive week for my two favourite sporting organisations.

On Sunday Celtic put their unbeaten SPL record on the line against a similarly 100% so far hun outfit.

But before that, and of far more importance, TFK Astro FC put our 100% record on the line on Thursday night against IPI FC. They’ve also started 4-0 and have notched up wins against the likes of Sophis in the process. This is where the new blood of TFK stand up to be counted. Monkey Allen has pissed all over some mediocre defences so far - this is his test. Fish has run himself into the ground against inferior opposition. Will we see that same will to win on Thursday night when there is blood being spilled in the good name of TFK.

Tickets are long since sold out so if you haven’t got one by now it’s either see if Kev’s American mate can sort you out or watch it on TV with the likes of Tinnion and Smelly and Kylo.

We are TFK. We shall overcome.

Thought this was going to be about Jugs scoring in Coppers or something.

Not really an unbeaten record as such, but something happeneing this week, more precisely today, later it will be 20 hours and 10 minutes on the 20th day of the 10th month in 2010
2010 2010 2010

Not sure what relevance it has to Jugs record in Coppers though.

Ye’ll regret slagging off this American season ticket holder someday, he won’t be there every time…

Where can I watch TFK games online bros?