Undisputed or ESPN'S First Take?

Which man are you?

If you’re going for this type of programme it’s Skip all the way. He’s the troll all tv personalities try to emulate.


He’s a gas man.

Ah, I have a handy hour to my self when i get home from work and both shows from that day are usually uploaded to youtube to watch… Skip is great -Hates Le Bron, reckons McGregor would take Mayweather and loves Tom Brady… Enough hate there for a life time.

He’s pulling in the ratings for Fox as well. They were doing fucking awful until the Cubs started to play good baseball and Cowherd and Skip joined.

As far as I know the ratings for Undisputed and Cowherd’s show have been dreadful, and have returned to normal after the bump from the NL playoffs. Bayless is an actor playing a character while Cowherd is a straight fuckstick, I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did at ESPN.

skip is a gas man.


Fox have closed a 23 to 1 gap down to a 3 to 1 gap in the 10am to 12am ratings with Skip Bayless joining.

ESPN has enormous advantages, better placing on most EPGs and is a settled part of gyms/bars ect so it isn’t going to change overnight.

They are moving FT from 2 to the normal network to try and boost ratings.

And as for Cowherd, they loved him and didn’t want him to leave. They’re losing their stars because cable subs are dropping, ratings are falling and they’re tied into enormous rights deals for the next 10 years.