Unpopular opinions or views you hold

The Doors were a better band than The Beatles


Dermot Morgan wasn’t very funny


Clare were blackguarded in 1998.

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Dermot Morgan was dead longer faster than anyone else in history. As in he was suddenly about 7 years dead about a year after he died.
He’s 24 years dead now ffs.


U2 are dogshit


I’d agree there. And it was their best team that year as well. They would have bate Kilkenny out the gate.

Any movie with Daniel Day Lewis in it is, for the most part, pretty shite

If you get too many likes you’ll have to delete that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The boxer is very good. And My Left foot. And Last of the mohicans. And in the Name of the father.
There will be blood and gangs of new york are shite. Particularly there will be blood.

I probably should have specified ‘in the 21st century’.

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I think Ian Bailey is an innocent man.

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I think @Thomas_Brady could return to being sound and a half-decent poster. He’d have to stop being a cunt though.

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Jerry Adams is not a nice man. Not at all.

Hardly an unpopular opinion around here. They have a few decent tunes to be fair, but they could have stopped writing songs in the 90s and the World wouldn’t have lost anything for it.
I’d have no interest in them either. Bono is also a pox

Kerry winning the AI will be/is generally bad for Gaelic football

As in Father Ted wasn’t funny or Dermot Morgan as a comedian wasn’t funny?

Breaking bad is shit. Fight me.


Dermot Morgan himself.

Ya, I wouldn’t argue with that. Father Ted was good, cunts quoting it as a form of humour has ruined it, but it was good in and of itself.

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