Unpopular opinions or views you hold

Two things:

  • Newbridge is a kip. It’s like a Leitrim club ground and that says something. There is obviously something rotten in Kildare GAA if that is the best ground they could come up with until now, given the amount of money in the county.

  • Slane is not a kip. In fact it is a lovely little village.


For facilities it’s the worst. For atmosphere it’s in the top 2.

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Going on me list I had in top grounds you can see I like the tight grounds. I couldn’t give a bollocks really as long as I can get a good seat, facilities are a far second to a good atmosphere for me.

Bizarre comment about the GG’s surroundings. Ennis Road/Clareview/Caherdavin are very decent areas. No different to what you’d see in Ballinlough/Blackrock area around PUC.


Not many seats in Ennis. Stand holds 3,000. Views from the other three terraces are not the best

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I was only there for Wexford vs Clare in the league last year mind. Got a seat in main stand, happy out. I’d say for a Munster championship game you’d need to be there early alright.

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Every fella thinks he has the prettiest wife at home

I’m sure the Ennis Road area is nice enough place to live, but a main road lined with middle/upper class housing and no pubs doesn’t make for a great atmosphere builder.


Bollox. Every fella thinks every other fella’s wife is a princess

This explains a lot about you

I’m hardly every fella, come on now…

Aesthetically, the walk out to the TUS Gaelic Grounds / OTnS Páirc na nGael is a most pleasing one. Crossing the majestic expanse of the Shannon over Sarsfield Bridge (the Pont Neuilly II), admiring the impressive Edwardian pads clustered along the leafy stretch before Union Cross, then turning the kink in the road just past past the immaculately kept grounds of Limerick Lawn Tennis Club and cresting the hill outside the old Ryan Hotel, where one can survey the chaos of Munster Championship matchday unfolding in front of you, spilling out of the Woodfield House and across the greens around the ground itself. Iconic.

There is however a serious dearth of pubs on that side of town, and it’s exacerbated by the fact that there is no bar at the stadium.


Bring back the Davin…


The Offaly crew are 100% across the board. You couldn’t meet finer.


Having lived and worked with Offaly natives I concur with your view. Sound skins. Although the fuckers are always quick to remind me of ‘94. :joy:

No pubs, everyone is too busy working paying off their houses

The relegation scrap tomorrow in the Premier League will be a damp squib despite Sky attempting to hype it up. Everton will beat Bournemouth comfortably enough and the results in the Leeds and Leicester games will prove utterly irrelevant.


I recall similar words being said here ahead of the singles day of the 2012 Ryder Cup when the USA led 10-6, at home.

I’d say the US wish they had Sean Dyche as captain back then.

Top Scorer records in Hurling/Football are lame, especially Hurling

About 35-40% of scores are coming from Placed Ball. Bit bored of commentators lauding over a player score 0-13 in a match when 0-09 are from Placed Balls etc.

When scoring rates are between 75-80% success, if you’re not a free taker, you’ll never be a ‘top scorer’