Unselfish Barca Fans

“Over 100 people were detained and scores injured during violent scenes in Barcelona following last night’s Champions League final success by the city’s football team in Rome.
It has been estimated that it will cost between 74,000 and 100,000 to repair the damage that was caused during the disorder.”

In summary, Barcelona fans, amidst a recession could still find time to give a dig out to all the catalan builders, carpenters, glass installers, plasteres and the other ‘allright sorts’ that the government there will now employee to fix the “damage”.

Fair play.

Yours in seeing past the hype and seeing the real heart wrenching story behind the cover story,

I think they were objecting to myboyblue calling them Spanish


They’ll probably donate a couple more euro to Unicef on the way home as well.
Lovely people really.

The Catalan builders are the real winners here.


Nothing but high jinx nothing to see here

You wouldn’t see the likes of that after a Bohs/Rovers match.

Barca is a way of life.

Ncc heartbroken.